Statement of Cremation Goods and Services Selected/Purchase Agreement

In this agreement the word you refers to the Buyer, The words we, us and our refer to the Cremation provider or seller whose name appears above. For good and valuable consideration, which each party acknowledges receiving, you agree to buy the goods and services described below. You authorize us to prepare and care for the body of the decedent named in this agreement and to conduct Cremation service and incur the charges listed in said agreement. We have the right to collect the total amounts due under this Agreement from any person who signs this as buyer.

“Charges are only for those items selected and that are required by Law”, “if we are required by law or by a cemetery or crematory to use any items, we will explain the reasons in writing below.”

Professional Service Fee
$ 275.00
Transfer of Deceased Fee
$ 295.00
Alternative Container Fee
$ 30.00
Medical Examiner Fee
$ 50.00
Act of Cremation Fee
$ 275.00
Subtotal = $ 925.00

 Direct Cremation Package 

 Additional Cremation Costs 

Refrigeration of Remains Fee First seven days n/c after $20.00 per day
Urn’s/Jewelry Fee
Additional Death Certificates ($10.00 each)
Forwarding of cremains by Express Mail U.S. Fee
Additional Items
 Total Amount Due 


Acknowledgement of Disclosures/ Disclaimer The Federal Trade Commission Trade regulation Rule on “Cremation Industry Practices” requires certain disclosures and Prohibits misrepresentations. The following is a checklist we ask those we serve to read and sign to verify that the Cremation Arrangement Conference was conducted in compliance with the rule. You made the arrangements for the cremation and final disposition of the above named decedent do hereby contest to the following:

  1. You were given a general price list effective on 01/01/2018 prior to discussing the Direct Cremation arrangements or the selection of any goods or services.
  2. You were advised that an alternative container must be used by law for the transportation and cremation process.
  3. You were given an urn price list effective on 01/01/2018 prior to discussing urns.
  4. You were advised that any special request under this agreement will require an additional fee.


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