Why And When Are Death Certificates Necessary?

Why And When Are Death Certificates Necessary?

A death certificate may not be the document anyone wants to think about, but it does have an important purpose. There are several reasons why you may need to obtain a death certificate, typically to serve as proof for legal purposes. Fortunately, it can be fairly easy for an immediate family member to get a copy of this particular document, especially for the reasons listed below.

Claiming Life Insurance – If you are the named beneficiary of a life insurance policy, no matter what your relationship to the deceased person was, you will need to produce a government issued copy of the death certificate in order to claim those benefits. The process for claiming life insurance can be slow and painful—getting a copy of the death certificate as quickly as possible can help to speed things along.

Pensions – If your spouse passes away, you may be entitled to benefits from his or her pension. However, you will have to provide various items to the company that issues it as proof of the death and of your relationship to the deceased person. One of the most important documents you will need is the death certificate.

Settling Estates – When a loved one dies, settling their estate can be a very long and difficult process. You may need multiple copies of the death certificate in order to claim investments, access bank accounts and real estate holdings. The more complicated the estate, the more copies of the death certificate you may need.

Medicaid Benefits – In some cases, a spouse or child of an individual who has passed away will be able to claim Medicaid benefits that the deceased was eligible to receive. However, the US Government is very particular about who they will pass these benefits on to—and with good reason. A death certificate and proof of your relationship to the deceased person may be necessary to claim these helpful benefits.

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Many Cremation Options


Sometimes our clients think cremation has limited choices. In actuality Cremation can actually increase your choices. At Eternal Cremation Services of Florida we offer many ways to remember your loved one. The following provides ideas for an eternal location for cremated remains so family members may honor their life.

Please remember private spreading is spreading ashes in a publicly accessible location. You have to refer to state and county laws to determine if there are any restrictions or permits to obtain before spreading. The benefits of private spreading options are that they are typically inexpensive or free and you can choose a location that is important to you or your family.  Today people are spreading ashes in multiple locations.

Here are our list of ideas you can do with your loved ones cremains. Start by reflecting on their passion and hobbies what they loved:

Scatter the ashes at sea.  This honors boaters, captains, fisherman, and people who like the beach. A bio degradable container is what you need so the ashes do not fly. 

Bury the ashes in your yard with a bio degradable container. You can have beautiful landscaping with a rose bush, butterfly bush or under a tree. Remember you must declare to the next homeowner the ashes are there.

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