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Simple Cremation Services

Everything is Included
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Direct Cremation Arrangements

Everything is Included, One Price, NO Additional Charges

Our family and staff handle everything for you, compassionately, professionally, and promptly, that's our promise to you. With our direct cremation services, we discuss your options and complete the required paperwork. We ensure the cremation process is completed correctly per your wishes and always at an affordable cost.


Speak to us directly and we will politely answer all the questions you and your family have.

  • We will come to your home or hospital if needed; included
  • Removal of Deceased from Home, Hospital, Hospice, Nursing Home, or Medical Examiner’s office included
  • 24-hour transportation of your loved one to our crematory included
  • Basic use of our facilities included
  • Calls to the doctor to sign the death certificate included
  • Original Death Certificate included
  • Cremation Process included
  • Refrigeration of deceased (up to 7 days) included
  • Sanitary Alternative Container for cremation included
  • Container for cremated remains included
  • Preparation of Death Certificate and other legal documents included
  • Eye bank, brain donation included
  • All-State/County permits included
  • Notification to Social Security included
  • Preparation of local free obituary included
  • Deceased over 275 lbs. additional fee required based on weight

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation, sometimes called simple or immediate cremation, is when the cremation is performed soon after death, typically without a viewing or funeral service. Direct cremation means we complete the required paperwork and cremation process.

While we offer urns and jewelry to keep your loved ones close, we don't hassle you into costs for additional services.

Direct cremation gives you options. Many of our customers take their loved one's remains back to their home towns, fly them on planes, or have ceremonies in another state. Direct cremation gives you the freedom to choose what you want and how you want it.

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