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eternal - having no beginning and no end in time: lasting forever: existing at all times

A Letter to Remember

We received the letter below from Mr. Bartlett Ph.D., whose wife we had the privilege to care for after her passing in 2012. His message reminds us of the importance of a caring and compassionate staff to assist families during one of the most challenging moments they'll face in life.

We always remember that a friendly voice can ease the hurt and fear after the death of a loved one. That a simple smile can let someone know everything is going to be okay, without ever saying a word.

A reminder that the smallest details make the biggest difference.

That's the "Eternal Difference"

The Eternal Letter

The passing of a loved one brings hurt and grief,

Even with the knowledge soon they will find peace.

It is never easy to deal with matter of ones passing,

Your load can be made lighter as it was for me,

When I met with Mark Grande his words set my mind free.

The day of her passing she was dealt with as royalty,

A call to Mark was the magic key for my family and me.

As family members watched she was graciously laid on quilt,

Another quilt covered her body, only her head was showing

We knew she passed but others thought to another room she was going,

Marilyn was handled with grace, professionalism and love.

She was already experiencing God’s eternal love going to Heaven above.

When one has made peace with God and heaven is assured.

Listen closely and the trumpet’s of heaven’s welcome can be heard!


Peter W. Bartlett PhD


June 26, 2012


A reminder that the smallest details make the biggest difference.

That's "The Eternal Difference"

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We consider it an honor and a privilege to serve families after the passing of a loved one. We provide supportive and caring cremation services in Pinellas County, Pasco County, and the Greater Tampa Bay area. If you have questions regarding service area, direct cremation, advanced planning, or other cremation services, give the Eternal family a call today.