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County Indigent and whole body donation

It has come to our attention that several funeral homes have stated false information regarding the county indigent program.

1.    All applicants for the indigent program who are   approved by the county will always get the cremains (ashes) given back to the family.

2.    Please make certain we receive these families.
(Please call me directly for any clarifications to the contract.)

3.    We will always help those families that fall through the cracks and do not qualify for County assistance. 

4.     We now have a contract with a company that offers whole body donation to those deceased that qualify and request whole body donation for science.  The deceased who qualify for this program will receive a free cremation.


** for those deceased who qualify medically will get a free cremation, cremains will be returned to family in 4 to six weeks

Best Regards,
Mark Grande

President of Eternal Cremations

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While we are a 24/7 business, we have families in the office at their most vulnerable times. For their privacy and yours we would appreciate it if you call first, but you are always welcome.


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